10th Class Computer Guess 2022

 We feel happy to bring 10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Boards. You can follow this paper scheme because it has been confirmed from officials of all Punjab Boards.

10th Class Computer Guess 2022

In this article we present 10th Class Computer Guess 2022. There is a lot of discussion on whether or not guess papers are effective or no longer. Many human beings agree with that such study materials show to be counterproductive. Others trust that guess papers help the students who're vulnerable in research or couldn't have a look at throughout the year for some cause. Here is 10th Class Science subjects Guess.

10th Class Computer Guess 2022

 So, have to you operate the guess papers on your exam instruction or no longer? The solution relies upon on the way you're going to utilize them.

 In case you are relying solely on those papers for your training, you're making a huge mistake. Here are the few arguments which can help you decide whether or not and how you should use the guess papers. Now you can download the 10th Class Computer Guess.

 Give concept approximately Paper format

Guess papers give you an concept approximately the paper layout, as they are catered to the precise board’s exam sample. You furthermore may get to realize about the mark scheme and weightage of every question. It's going to help you prepare the topics consequently. 10th Class Computer Guess will provide you a smart way of preparation.

 Top for exercise

Guess papers are accessible for working towards. You can clear up many guess papers and get an idea about wherein you stand regarding your exam instruction. You may set a timer to practice trying questions within the required limit. With ordinary exercise, your mistakes may be minimum and your speed will growth. It’s important for you to follow our 10th Class Computer Guess.

 Not dependable if Used completely

You must no longer only use wager papers for the exam practice. Many students put blind faith in the guess papers and expect the board examination to copy them. But, it does not show up usually. A few questions from the wager papers may additionally come within the board checks, however even that happens on hazard.

 Guess papers are just supplementary examine fabric. Your principal guidance device must be your eBook notes and lecture notes.

 Download PDF 10th Class Guess Papers Of Subject Computer

Using guess papers for annual exams can also help students prepare for annual exams and achieve good scores. We update all the latest updates about everything on this page on a regular basis for students. You can find accurate and valid guess papers on all boards on our site. This article is being released by ilmkhoj.com for your guidance.

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10th Class Computer Guess

Are you looking for class 10 guess papers for all subjects? We keep in touch with teachers who specialize in related subjects. They keep a close eye on previous exam papers. They prepare guess papers based on these papers.

10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022

Here we are offering 10th Class guess papers of all subjects. These guess papers are according to the syllabus prescribed by the Punjab Boards. These guess papers are prepared by experienced teachers. Most frequently asked questions in previous papers are added in these guess Papers. These guess papers are very useful for preparing for final exams and scoring good marks.


A list of 10th Class subjects list with their download link is given below. These guess papers are free of cost. Click on the link to download the guess paper on your relevant subject.


Class 10 Computer Guess Paper

Is this your search for 10th Class Guess Papers? The page you are looking at is the right one. This page contains guess papers for class 12th of all the subjects. This article is being released by ilmkhoj.com for your guidance. A team of experienced teachers prepares these guesses. These Guess Papers include the most common questions from previous papers. They are valuable for scoring high marks on final exams and preparing for them. 10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022 has been prepared by subject specialists so it will be beneficial for you.


Computer Guess For Class 10

Each year, millions of Punjab Board students sit for their final exams for the 10th Class. According to their category, candidates complete papers differently. The best students are those who consistently work hard and study diligently. They master the entire textbook without any further help. Candidates who are not able to prepare themselves due to their limitations can use our guess papers.


10th Class Science subjects Guess

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10th Class Guess Paper 2022

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Computer Guess Paper

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10th Class Elective Subjects Guess

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Class 10th Guess Papers 2022

We are trying to get the most accurate estimates from all the boards. Although we have been producing guess papers for the last 5 years, we are not responsible for any changes in the assumed results and results. No one can blame our entire team and publishers because we are not recommended to rely on guess papers. Feedback from our dear students This is a valuable service to us. An academic paper is not much needed for the second year as it is a simple subject however we have provided the student’s demand and search perspective on an academic assessment. We update this page on a daily basis so bookmark this page and visit 1 day before the second year academic paper.


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MCQ’S Exercise – Page No. 18- Mcq’s No. 1, 2,5,7,8.9

1.      What is computer program or Software?

2.      What is meant by programming language?

3.      Who developed C language?

4.      What is meant by IDE?

5.      What do you mean by IDE has a graphical user interface.

6.      What is language translator?

7.      What is compiler?

8.      What is syntax error?

9.      What is character set that is used in C language?

10.  What is Constant?

11.  Define integer, real and character constant.

12.  What is a variable?

13.  Difference between Variable and Constant.

14.  Discuss the main parts of the structure of C language.

15.  Difference between Character and int.

1.      Difference between Variable and Constant.

2.      Write a program that declares variables of appropriate data types to store the personal data about your best friend. Initialize these variables. With the following data.

·         Initial letter of his name

·         Initial letter of his gender

·         His age

·         His height

3.      Discuss the main parts of the structure of a C program.


MCQ’S Exercise: PAGE NO. 45 – mcq’s no.1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9
1.      What is relationship between a computer and programming language?

2.      What are input and output function.

3.      What is the purpose of print f ( ) function.

4.      What is the purpose of scanf ( ) function.

5.      Difference between getch() and scanf()

6.      What is the list of some basic operator types?

7.      What are arithmetic operators?

8.      Define multiplication operator.

9.      Define addition operator.

10.  What are relational operators?

11.  What are logical operators?

12.  What is AND logical operator?

13.  What is OR logical operator?

14.  What is NOT operator?

15.  Difference between Unary and Binary Operators.

16.  Define is short circulating?

1.      What is difference between scanf and getch?

2.      Which function of C language is used to display output on screen?

3.      Different between Unary operators and binary operators.

4.      What is difference between Equal to operator (==) operator and = operator?

5.      Write a program that takes Celsius temperature as input, coverts the temperature into Fahrenheit and show the output. Formula for conversion of temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit is .

6.      Write a program takes a 5 digit number as input, calculates and display the sum of first and last digit of number.

7.      Write a program that takes radius of a circle as input. The program should calculate and display the area of circle.

8.      What are logical operators? Explain its types.


MCQ’S Exercise: PAGE NO. 70 – Mcq’s no. 1, 2,5, 6. 7

1.      Define Control Statement.

2.      Define Selection Statement.

3.      Difference between sequential and selection statements.

4.      Difference between if statement and if else statement with an example.

5.      What is repetition control statements?

6.      Define if statement with syntax.

7.      Where we need { } block when we use if statement.

8.      Define of if-else statement with syntax.

9.      What is if-else-if statement?

10.  What is nested selection structure?

11.  Write a program to display the input number is even or odd.

12.  Draw a flowchart to show the structure of if-else statement.


1.      What is the use of nested selection structures?

2.      Write a program in C language that takes two numbers and finds large number.

3.      Write a program to find smallest number of given two numbers.

4.      Write a program that displays larger one out of three given numbers.

5.      Write a program that takes two integers as input and tells whether first one is a factor of second one.


MCQ’S Exercise: PAGE NO. 97 – Mcq’s no. 1, 2,3,6,7,8,10
1.      What is data structure? And why we need data structure.

2.      What is an Array?

3.      How we can declared an array?

4.      What is index or subscript?

5.      What is loop structure?

6.      What is Iteration?

7.      Define for loop.

8.      What is general structure of nested loop?

9.      What is nested loop? And why we use nested loop?

10.  What are uses of loop in an array?

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