Translation Urdu to English Sentences 9th Class - Urdu to English Translation for Class 9

 In this article "Translation Urdu to English Sentences 9th Class" has been solved so Urdu to English Translation for Class 9 is here for the students of all Boards.

Urdu to English Translation for Class 9


Urdu to English Translation for Class 9

Translation Urdu to English Sentences 9th Class

Here are the solved sentences of all tenses from Urdu into English from 9th class Textbook of grammar and composition.

Present Indefinite

Present Continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous


Past Indefinite

Past Continuous

Past Perfect

Past Perfect Continuous


Future Indefinite

Future Continuous Future

Perfect Continuous

Future Perfect Continuous

    There are also exercises to practice the use of prepositions, the correct use of verbs, which is  part of the board exams each year. The direct indirect use is explained  very simply. All concepts are explained in Urdu in addition to English. Students and teachers looking for easy English song lyrics on various topics can use the English Grammar and Composition book. This book will also be useful for  students preparing for their 9th , 10th, 11th and 12th  grade exams.

9th Class Complete English  Questions Wise according to annual Exams 2022

Question No. 1 MCQs (Objective)

Question No. 2 Questions / Answers any five

Question No. 3 Translation Textbook Paragraphs into Urdu (any two)

1.       The Saviour of Mankind (PBUH)

2.       Patriotism

3.       Media and Its Impact

4.       Hazrat Asma (R.A)

5.       Daffodils

6.       The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan

7.       The Sultan Ahmad Mosque

8.       Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening

9.       All is not Lost

10.   Drug Addiction

11.   Noise in the Environment

12.   Three Days to See

Question No. 4 Summary or Stanza

1.       Daffodils Summary

2.       Daffodils Stanza Explanation

1.       Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening Summary

2.       Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening Stanza Explanation

Question No. 5 Make Sentences any five

Question No. 6  Letters / Stories / Dialogue

1.       Letters

2.       Stories

3.   Dialogues

Question No. 7 Comprehension Passages

Question No. 8  Translate Urdu Sentences into English any five

Question No. 9 Change of Voice (Active & Passive Voice)

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